April 9, 2009

Green Drinks

Environmentalists really know how to network—and enjoy green drinks at the same time! No, I don’t mean appletinis, green beer, or green tea—although those could work. I’m referring to a network of environmentalists and eco-friendly folks, called “Green Drinks,” who meet locally each month after work. Green Drinks started in London in 1989, and now have more than 430 “chapters” world-wide--including one in Williamsburg. Other Virginia Green Drinks groups are in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Peninsula, Fredericksburg, Northern Shenandoah Valley, Salem, and Warrenton.

This year, on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, Green Drinks chapters throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania chapters) staged a same-day gathering in their respective cities, attempting to top the world attendance record of 1,800 set in Melbourne, Australia, and to rally support for action to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Most chapters hold their “meetings” at bars and restaurants that share their zeal for environmental awareness and protection.

Green Drinks Williamsburg launched a letter writing campaign on April 22, partnering with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s campaign of letters to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson asking the EPA to enforce the Clean Water Act for the benefit of the Chesapeake Bay. Each group will post its plans on a dedicated website, http://www.greendrinksforthebay.org/