June 23, 2009

See through the FOG

No, not the San Francisco version. I mean the FOG (as in Fats, Oils, and Grease) that can easily clog our sewers if we continue to dump them down our drains.

Why is it such a big deal? Los Angeles experienced more than 800 dangerous sewage overflows a few years ago due to pipes filled with FOG. In addition to the yuck factor, there’s the unappealing cost. The price tag for James City Service Authority to make our sewer lines as “spill free” as possible is possibly $4 million just to inspect—with another $2 million for repairs.

Restaurants have grease traps, but what should homeowners do? Remove excess grease left on cookware with a paper towel and scrape excess food into the trash. Pour cooled oils and grease into an old glass jar and dispose of it in the trash. Or take it to the FOG recycling container at James City County’s Convenience Centers at 107 Tewning Road.