July 30, 2009

What Are you Having For Dinner?

You gotta smile when you see this promo for Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. is the riveting new documentary that’s for anyone “hungry for change.” Variety said that this film “does for the supermarket what Jaws did for the beach.” It will take you inside a modern-day chicken coop and tell you more than you want to know about your hamburger.

A good portion of the film focuses on the dichotomy of cheap food versus expensive healthcare. Monsanto calls it a biased film about our food supply, but that’s from the company that developed rBGH for dairy cows and genetically modified seeds.

See "Meatless Monday" website from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to reduce your consumption of meat.
Food recalls — Are becoming a regular occurrence. The world’s largest beef producer recalled tons of sketchy beef in the summer of 2009--possibly tainted with E.Coli. Did you know that these recalls are voluntary? There is no legal requirement [YET!] that the products be tracked down by the processor and yanked from store shelves. Surprised? So was I.

The Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture will be designing a national food registry so contaminated food can be traced back to its source, and so consumers can be alerted immediately once a problem is discovered. But don’t get complacent. There are more than 150,000 food processing plants and a small number of FDA inspectors.

The FDA just announced a special initiative on eggs. Egg producers will have to buy chicks and young hens only from buyers who monitor for salmonella bacteria.