July 9, 2009

iPhones Go Green

Just in case you are not already addicted to your iPhone, Grist.com recommends these iPhone apps (all available at iTunes):
  • GoodGuide: Find out what’s in 75,000 common household products. Free. No iPhone? Check out goodguide.com.

  • 3rdWhale Mobile: Using GPS, find green restaurants, stores, and travel destinations in 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Displays results on a map with directions. Free.

  • Go Organic!: Find organic grocery stores and Earth Day events near you. Free.

  • Gorgeously Green Survival Guide: Chemicals to avoid in makeup and sunscreens and gives tips on food and product labels. $0.99

  • Greenopia: This Los Angeles-specific app boasts 1,000+ searchable and map-able listings of green businesses, restaurants and services. More U.S. cities to come later in 2009. Free.

  • Greenpeace Tissue Guide: Research brands of consumer paper products to find the greenest tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper. Free.

  • shopgreen: More than just a shopping tool. Enter information about your green habits and the app will connect that information with promotions from local businesses. $0.99