July 30, 2009

Is it really such a boring topic?

I'm talking about energy efficiency*. (AKA "resource intelligence")

McKinsey & Company just released a report with a mind-grabbing number in it. They found that we Americans waste $130 BILLION per year in energy. . . and they do NOT include transportation costs here. We could save up to $1.2 TRILLION by 2020 if we'd take some actions. There are of course structural barriers--poor home insulation and drafty windows. But there are behavioral barriers as well. All of us know that we should have replaced our incandescent bulbs by now, installed a programmable thermostat (and learned how to use it), and turned off our computers when not in use.

They offer practical solutions available to unlock the potential within us. Some are governmental and regulatory, but many are people-focused and educational.

What can YOU do? Begin by forwarding this blog to your friends. Help educate them on environmental issues.