July 9, 2009

Water Saving Kits for Williamsburg Folks

Kate Hoving, Communications Specialist for the City of Williamsburg's sends in this helpful info:
In order to encourage water conservation, the City of Williamsburg offers Water Saving Kits to its residents. One of Council's Goals, Initiatives and Outcomes 2009/2010 is Environmental Sustainability, and promoting water conservation is one of the key initiatives of that goal. The kits include: dye tablets to detect leaks; a spray clean shower head; water saving bathroom aerators and a toilet displacement bag.

According to the EPA, fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners more than 10 percent on their water bills in addition to conserving one of our most precious resources. There is no charge to residents for the kits, but they should call to reserve one, and they must be picked up in person at the Municipal Building at 401 Lafayette Street.

For more information or to request a kit, please contact Public Works at 220-6140 or publicworks@williamsburgva.gov .

The City also has additional conservation tips in its green section on the City website: www.williamsburgva.gov/green