September 12, 2009

Green "cheers"

Did you know that organic vodkas, gins, and rums have joined their traditional counterparts on the shelves?

Square One organic vodka is one that you can find in Virginia. Kathleen Shaw, Virginia ABC public relations specialist, told me “Square One is now in one third of ABC stores in Virginia.” It’s made from organically grown American rye from North Dakota, and distilled using water from the Teton Mountains in neighboring Wyoming. Unfortunately, that’s a long way from Virginia so its carbon footprint to get to Virginia is quite large--although the distillery promises that one-quarter of their electricity comes from wind-generated power.

Another organic vodka that my wine and spirits salesman son, Dave, told me about is historic too. It's Penn 1681 organic rye vodka and distilled in Philly at the first distillery there since Prohibition. It's currently available only in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Papagayo Rum is the world's first organic rum. The single-estate rum (meaning the sugarcane used to make it is grown on one plantation) continues to be produced in Paraguay, where founder Eduardo Felippo began an organic farming project in 1933. His objective was to help the lowly paid sugarcane farmers by providing them with better pay and education on organic farming practices. Today, USDA-certified organic Papagayo rum is produced by more than 800 families receiving fair wages, education and support from the Fair Trade Association.
You can easily Google to find more. If you're going to drink, drink responsibly and drink green . . . and there's always green tea!