November 30, 2009

Climate bill in the Senate

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., has become the latest moderate Democrat to bail on the Senate climate bill, Politico recently reported.

That was the Boxer-Kerry-Lieberman-Graham compromise that included a push for more nuclear power.

Senator Webb was not enamored with this version, so he introduced his own version (along with Lamar Alexander, R-TN). It focuses even more on nuclear power: $20 billion worth of worker training, loan guarantees, and research.

Alexander said, "This is a piece of legislation that could stand on its own and could be supported by senators who favor economy-wide cap-and-trade and senators who don't favor one."

Dominion offers a nifty tour of a nuclear plant online. Virginia has four nuclear reactors: two across the James River in Surry, and another two in Louisa county (North Anna).

Worried about the disposal of nuclear waste? A lot of senators may be too. So it will be interesting to follow the progress of this bill. BTW, the spent nuclear fuel from Virginia's plants is still stored in Virginia.