April 6, 2010

Bamboo Lumber sounds promising

Cali Bamboo Company recently added "Lumboo" (love that name!) to its line of green building materials. It's made entirely from bamboo and "the world’s first bamboo dimensional lumber."  According to their website, it promises "greater strength, density, sustainability, and termite resistance while also being a cost effective option."

It took the company five years to develop what they call a virtually indestructible and green building material.
It's 100 percent compressed bamboo and very dense. Large bamboo poles get shredded into strips and formed into some kind of matrix. Then they add a low VOC resin and compress the material.

Holes need to be pre-drilled for screws. No nails can make a dent in this heavy stuff, I suppose. The high content of silica in bamboo (there's a bit of trivia for you) means that those blasted termites can't digest it.

I make it a practice to not endorse any products on this blog unless I've used them. But this Lumboo got my attention. Check it out for yourself  at http://www.calibamboo.com/bamboo-lumber-lumboo.html