April 6, 2010

Catch "The Last Boat Out" on PBS

At 9 p.m.on April 21 on Maryland Public Television; on April 22 on PBS/WHRO in Hampton Roads, VA

The Last Boat Out is a documentary that weaves two tales: The story of watermen trying to preserve their way of life on the Chesapeake Bay, and the story of a bay battered by development and pollution. I hope there's a lot of hope in this documentary. I lose more and more of that as the bay keeps getting pummeled by lax enforcement of the standards that already exist.

A Congressional Screening in the US Capitol will take place on April 14th.

The documentary will travel to maritime museums throughout the country. The Mariners' Museum in Newport News will feature the film in their exhibition, “An Endangered Species: Watermen of the Chesapeake,” from September through December 2010.

Watch the trailer at http://www.seltzerfilmvideo.com/watermen.htm