April 13, 2010

Hanes recycling?

I had to smile when I read the headline!

Now, come on, admit it. You too thought of tighty whiteys! Recycling them into rags for polishing silver is great, but recycling them into anything else?  "Ewww."

But please read on. Hanes is recycling the excess cotton from their manufacturing process into "EcoSmart Clothes" such as new socks, and plastic bottles into fleece jackets. Now that's something I really can smile about.

Their EcoSmart men's black athletic socks contain at least 55 percent recycled cotton. Oh no, black socks gotcha smiling too?

Hanes aims to produce more than 38 million pounds of EcoSmart polyester this year, recycling about 608 million plastic bottles in the process. The other good news is that these items will cost the same as their  items that do not contain the EcoSmart materials. Look for them and their EcoSmart logo at Walmart and Target.

Hanes Company is also doing a lot of package redesign work to reduce the amount of plastic used. Check out tips for their consumers at their new Hanes Green website.

Check out their Earth Day offer (partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation folks) at http://www.hanesgreen.com/promo_entries/add