May 24, 2010

Oil spill hair mats?

No, these are NOT large sausages for the grill. They are "sausages" of sorts though--sausages of hair inside pantyhose, used to absorb oil spills in water. These (and the creative Matter of Trust folks) came to my attention years ago, but have been in the recent news related to the ongoing Gulf oil leak.

Matter Of Trust, established in 1998, is an ecological public charity that links ideas, sparks action, and materializes flourishing systems. It concentrates on manmade surplus, natural surplus and eco-education.

Their website now says: As of May 23, 2010 all new sign ups will be in the RESERVES. We ask you all to collect and keep 1 box ready to go. We currently have enough fiber on its way and in the warehouses. WE DO NEED MORE RECYCLED NYLONS and funding. We will alert everyone when we clear out space for more hair, fur & fleece.

Thousands of boxes of hair, fur, fleece, feathers and nylons are coming in now by drop-offs and by USPS, FED EX, UPS from every city in North America. Even from donors in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and Brazil... Everyone wants to make this happen!

Together we are all orchestrating an international natural fiber recycling MOBILIZATION!

Booms are being made all along the Gulf Coast. And municipalities from all over are contacting us about how to set up collection and boom storage for the other 2,600 smaller spills on average every year!

BUT . . . BP doesn't need these booms (or so they told Matter of Trust) . . .

"THERE HAS BEEN A MISUNDERSTANDING" After a few days of mixed messages to the press, Ronald D. Rybarczyk BP Government & Public Affairs, contacted us at Matter of Trust tonight. Rybarcyzk informed us that they have a plentiful supply of ideal boom for their needs and will not be in want of donated boom or renewable fiber.

We deeply appreciate those at BP's Houma Critical Resources Materials Management for contacting us since May 15th. Upon learning this, Rybarczyk checked then called us back and apologized for the confusion and repeated his original message that there was no need for our boom.

"TRUST is not the word I associate with BP, but it is indeed the operative word here. If I were BP's Government & Public Affairs person, I would not turn down any workable solution, even if it soaks up a miniscule amount of this massive spill. Hair mats do absorb oil, and I'm still grinning at the idea of golf balls plugging that well.