October 5, 2010

It's National Energy Awareness Week!

But put your home in a Snuggie?
You probably missed it in the news, but October is “National Energy Awareness Month.” Perhaps that’s why the White House will get a bit of solar energy this month. Even the U.S. military is embracing renewable energy sources to fuel its forces in Afghanistan. They have an advantage to “git er done” by not depending on Congressional action amid the toxic partisanship common during election season.

Our energy awareness usually kicks up a notch when we view our monthly utility bills, prompting us to ask “Why can’t anyone in this house remember to turn off the lights?” and “Who turned up the heat (or turned down the AC) to 75 degrees?”

The U.S. remains in a “green trend” in spite of “green fatigue” on some fronts. Newsweek will release their 2010 environmental ranking of the world’s largest corporations on October 18 as more and more companies reinvent themselves and commit to sustainable practices and reducing energy use.

As we invest in more biofuels, wind, solar, and future “clean coal” technologies, are we "moving into a new energy paradigm?" I’m tired of this over-used phrase, but it is exactly what all of us need to "get our heads around."

Oops, that’s another trite phrase, but I like it to describe embracing energy efficiency, reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, curbing consumption, and creating green jobs of the future. Might we also call it patriotic and cost-effective while we’re at it?