November 3, 2010

LED lights will give you a green Christmas

LED Christmas lights are popular as many Chevy Chase wannabes replace their electricity hogging mini-lights of Christmas past. Kudos to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for using more than 20 miles of LED strands (600,000 lights) in their annual Garden Fest of Lights.

The cost to light your Christmas tree with LEDs is 13 to 17 cents per season, compared to $6 to $10 for incandescent lights, according to the Electric Power Research Institute (ERPI). They also estimate potential annual electricity cost savings in the nation in excess of $250 million if all seasonal mini-lights were switched to LEDs. This translates into a potential carbon emissions reduction of 400,000 tons per year, the equivalent of removing 65,882 automobiles from roads for one year.

I just wish that U.S manufacturers made these dandy little strands of Christmas cheer.

Technical Consumer Products is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products, some of which will be labeled “Made in the U.S.A.” in 2011. Currently, its factories are overseas, but it plans to begin construction on a CFL factory, at its headquarters in Aurora, Ohio, that would employ as many as 400 people. You can find TCP brand CFL and LED bulbs in many retail stores. Look for them at Home Depot under the "Eco Smart" brand name.

Dominion offers a Holiday Lighting Energy Calculator at  that will further inspire you to “go LED” for Christmas future.