January 8, 2011

Dumping old prescriptions?

As I do, you probably discover these out-of-date prescriptions in your medicine cabinet or bathroom drawers every year or, even worse, every decade, and wonder what to do with them. Flushing these old pills down the toilet used to be the "solution." You may now be aware that our drinking water has traces of LOTS of these meds, but then again, that mini-dose of Prozac might make you not care.

The American Pharmacists Association recommends disposal of liquid medications in our household trash can, after pouring it into kitty litter, coffee grounds, or sawdust in a plastic bag. Click on http://www.smarxtdisposal.net/ for a list of OK-to-flush meds. But I can't agree with these folks (even if they are with the FDA) that these drugs are OK in our water supply. True, it may take years to contaminate the aquifers and streams, but I'm not comfortable with that approach. Enough prescriptions get into our aquifers just by leaving our bodiies in the "traditional" method down the toilet.

Check out http://www.disposemymeds.org/ for more info. And check back here in a few months for a new "Dispose My Meds" propgram that may be in your area. Williamsburg Drug is working on one now.