March 27, 2011

Uranium in Virginia?

For almost 30 years, Virginia has banned the mining and milling of uranium in our state. Now, a foreign-backed company has spent more than $250,000 lobbying Virginia's legislature to lift that ban.

Sierra Club's Glen Besa reports that in a recent presentation to potential Wall Street investors, Walter Coles, Jr. (CEO of the uranium company) said he already has the support of members of the legislature and the Governor for lifting the ban. But hey, Walter, wait! There are four studies taking place to weigh the pros and cons of uranium mining. And the public has not yet been asked. Perhaps you know the frackers in Pennsylvania who are blasting away for natural gas? You know, the ones who got that methane into quite a lot of drinking water?

I thought the adage was "measure twice; cut once." I guess it's "drill now; answer questions later."