April 8, 2011

Any way you see it . . . BEWARE!

United Nations Symbol for Radiation  In 2007, after a 5 year project in 11 different countries, the United Nations introduced a new symbol to help reduce accidental exposure to large radioactive sources. The new icon is aimed at alerting anyone, anywhere to the potential dangers of being close to a large source of ionizing radiation. The new symbol will not be visible under normal use, but only if someone attempts to disassemble a device that is a source of dangerous radiation. It will not be located on building access doors, transportation packages or containers.

In the mean time, you'll see this familiar magenta or black "tri-foil" on a yellow background that is the international symbol to protect people from being exposed to radioactivity. It is a warning, posted where radioactive materials are handled, or where radiation-producing equipment is used such as the nuclear medicine area of a hospital. This sign is used as a warning