April 16, 2011

Virginia is 26th "Greenest State"

The Greenopia folks, who bill themselves as "experts on green living" rank Virginia as the 26th greenest state in their 2011 annual ratings, based on  air quality, water quality, recycling rates, number of LEED registered or certified buildings, per capita energy consumption, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

They also report that: Virginia has good water quality according to EPA data and has a better than average recycling rate at around 38%. Virginia has a good number of LEED buildings when you scale against its population. Virginia is better than average in emissions per capita and average in water and energy consumption. Virginia utilizes a decent amount of renewable energy, but we would prefer to see it move away from hydro and wood-biomass and towards other greener technologies.

Environmental Negatives: Virginia has worse than average air quality according to EPA and American Lung Association data. Virginia does not have a lot of green businesses even when you scale them against its population. Virginia should also look into adding more renewable energy types to its grid mix and utilize less coal and petroleum. Finally, Virginia has one of the worst per capita generation rates in this study.

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