May 3, 2011

Do cellphones cause cancer?

There are MANY known causes of cancer, such as tobacco and asbestos, to avoid already. What about cellphones? The jury is still out on cellphone radiation, but I try to use the "speaker phone" option as much as possible.

The challenge is that there's not one simple test for carcinogens. Plus it takes years for many cancers to appear, and human trials are few and far between. Mickey Mouse in a lab and John Q. Public are quite dissimilar.  Often one test must be corroborated by another. Some trials have even been contradictory.
The National Toxicology Program has begun a promising study in which cellphone radiation will be turned on and off for 10-minute stretches for 20 hours each day. But we'll need to wait until 2014 for the results on the nearby mice. So cellphones will probably be called "potentially carcinogenic” until then.

In the meanwhile, check out the levels of cellphone radiation (called SAR for "Specific Absorption Rate" ) at for your phone.