August 14, 2011

Bad, bad, Leroy Brown and BROWN PINES

I've seen a LOT of brown pines in our summer travels along the East Coast and had wondered if the extreme heat or drought had claimed some more victims. Then I read about the herbicide, Imprelis, the newest "wonder" herbicide from DuPont.

OOPS! Big Oops. . . The Environmental Protection Agency just banned the sale of Imprelis. Landscapers linked it to thousands of tree deaths around the country, especially Norway spruce, balsam firs, and white pines. DuPontsuspended sales of the product last week and announced plans for a refund program. The company already faces lawsuits from property owners who lost numerous trees after landscapers began applying Imprelis to lawns and golf courses this spring. It seems that DuPont may have known about this predisposition of their latest herbide to kill trees under stress.

Now I am stressed! The good news is that only turf and landscaping professionals were allowed to buy or apply Imprelis. And this product may take years to break down in the soil.