August 3, 2011

Water shortage in 30 years???

Don't waste water, little guy!
In 30 years, I'll be 90ish, but I might be thirsty too. So the recent prognostication from Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, about water demand exceeding supply, caught my eye.

Then I read that in my area (James City County), that shortage might hit in only 22 years. I might be even thirstier in my 80s.

As I read further, I learned that water desalinization might be the hope for our future--plus buying water from across the James River. Desalinization has its pros and cons, plus the salinity range of our local rivers varies depending on the tides and rainfall.

Lawn irrigation continues to drain our aquifers. Rain sensors prevent sprinklers from operating when there's been adequate rain. So why do I see so many sprinklers on after a heavy rain? Guess some folks have money to burn.