October 19, 2011

Recycling JUNK into ART

Crab by Tom Boring
One person's junk really is another person's treasure! I have run into quite a few artists who can transform a bunch of "junk" into amazing pieces of art.

This is recycling at its creative best!

Last summer, at a craft show in Anacortes, Washington, I saw some amazing scuptures by Tom Boring. From a distance, they appeared as a bird, fish, animal or familiar object. Then I noticed the nailclipper, or pliers head, or bolts. or whatever welded together into a coherent piece. Check out some of his creations at Second Chance Sculptures. He says that his sculptures are made from at least 95% recycled metal and found objects. Truly amazing stuff!

Crab by Marcie Evans
Closer to home, in Poquoson, Virginia,  Marcie Evans does some dandy feats with nails and bolts. I first saw her work at Williamsburg's annual Occasion for the Arts a few weeks ago. I love how she can transform nails into fish and crabs.

I had an "Aha" moment and asked if she'd like 8 huge glass jars full of multi-size nails, my Dad's collection over his lifetime which had been gathering dust in our garage. I don't know if he ever used any of them, and I couldn't give them away until now. I had no idea of how to "recycle" them in  a meaningful way. Check out Marcie's website link above and see what local galleries have her work.

The only creative "arty" thing we did was turn a bunch of old clay flower pots into "Potman Willy" for our yard. He now needs some minor repairs after Hurricane Irene met him. Then he can add a touch of whimsy again to our back yard.

Christmas is coming soon and I have a humongous collection of wine corks that I hope might make a unique Christmas wreath! Cheers!