January 2, 2012

Silver or gold teeth????

How about green teeth?

When a dentist extracts a crown, inlay or bridge, most patients never ask, "What do you do with these?" So the dentist reaps the bounty--if there is any. I never knew teeth could be "recycled."

My dentist knows I'm green (NOT with green teeth) and told me he'd give my old crown back to me with a mailing envelope to a company that pays folks for any silver, gold, platinum or palladium that's present after they separate out any precious metals.

Whoopee, I thought, as I mailed back the crown with a small bit of shiny material inside it to Garfield Refining. Three days later, I got a check for the palladium that was present. Unfortunately there couldn't have been much. The check was for $8.90.

But as the saying goes, that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I think I'll treat myself to a cup of coffee with my earnings.