March 27, 2012

GMO Foods: Do you know what you are eating?

The Food Democracy Now folks say "It's time to Label GMOs!" 

Most Americans have no idea that an estimated 80 percent of processed food sold in the U.S. contain ingredients, known as GMOs (genetically modified organisms), that have been engineered or altered in high-tech laboratories, specifically at Monsanto. 40 countries around the world require labeling of GMO foods, including the European Union, Russia and even China--and we're clueless!

The U.S. government hasn’t required labeling because it does not want to suggest or imply that GMO foods are in any way different from other foods. Some brands have started to put the “Non-GMO Project Verified” label on their packaging, but that’s a voluntary effort.
Last year a Canadian study discovered that insecticide toxins from genetically engineered crops were found in the blood of 93% of blood samples taken from pregnant women and 80% umbilical cords tested. Monsanto has maintained that these toxins in their crops would never affect the food supply or affect humans, Hmmm. 

WHY? Because giant biotech and seed companies like Monsanto have helped write the rules for our governmental regulatory agencies and paid billions in lobbying, PR and campaign donations over the past two decades.

Click here to join the almost million Americans who have signed on to the "Just Label It" campaign. Americans just demanded less "pink slime" in their burgers, so there's hope for this cause now.
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