July 26, 2012

Derecho is the buzz word of the month

Climate change is nothing. What about vocabulary change?

The new word in our vocabulary in 2012 is DERECHO, meaning a super strong straight-line widespread windstorm. Many of us in Virginia heard this word for the first time in early July AFTER hiding in our pantry for a short time when the TV news told us to "take cover." A few downed trees later, we asked neighbors, "Did you ever hear this word derecho before?" Then we read about the 700 mile trail of destruction this recent storm had caused.

Two nights ago, we experienced another doozy of a thunderstorm, complete with wind gusts that brought a few more big pines down in our neighborhood and scattered power outages.

As a boater, I am a bit freaked out by these big storms that just "pop up" without much warning. At least the Weather Channel and Jim Cantrell warn us of hurricanes days in advance.

We keep our eyes glued to the many weather apps we've downloaded when we are on the water. Guess that habit needs to be developed on land as well.

This "Welcome to the rest of your life" video hits the nail on the head. The last few months indeed have been eye-openers.