July 30, 2012

What shade of green is Dominion Virginia Power?

Not even pale green, unfortunately.

Virginia is one of only nine states with ZERO commercial wind or solar power. The Virginia General Assembly opted to "encourage" utilities to invest in renewable energy. And voluntary efforts, especially if they cut into corporate profits, just don't come to fruition.

Dominion Virginia Power, the state's largest electricity provider, is currently receiving a $76 million renewable energy bonus, even though they haven't developed any new renewable energy since the program was created. To get this reward, Dominion opted to buy an estimated $1-2 million worth of cheap energy credits from decades-old facilities in other states, most of which burn landfill gas or wood.

Many of their customers bought into Dominion's "Green Power Program" and bought RECs (renewable energy credits), thinking that they were supporting renewable energy from within Virginia.

Dominion's "Green Power Program" is simply not enough. Even worse, Dominion's 15 year plan has no new wind or solar energy for Virginia.

What can YOU do? Check out the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Or call 1-866-366-4357 and tell the Dominion representative that you are withdrawing from the program until 100% of the money generated by the program supports new Virginia wind and solar projects.