August 22, 2012

Smart buoys no longer funded?

Up until now, you could track those bothersome jellyfish called nettles as they progressed up the Chesapeake Bay. You could check the nettle predictor map developed by NOAA or use their special ops buoys for a nettle search.

These smart buoys were quite handy for boaters because they also provided useful, real-time information on wind and wave height (very nice to know)), water quality and a brief history lesson.

Simply go to and choose a buoy near you, or download the smart buoy app.

But oops. President Obama has asked that the program not be refunded in fiscal 2013. Funding for fiscal 2012 continues, and might continue until a new budget passes Congress. But that has not occurred for a few years, so the buoys may remain for a while. Stay tuned.