August 17, 2012

Uranium mining in Virginia? (updated 10-2-12)

Studies by the National Academy of Sciences and the City of Virginia Beach have raised serious concerns about the safety of mining uranium in western Virginia, up river from more than one million people in Hampton Roads.

Yet Governor McDonnell has not abandoned requests from Virginia Uranium, Inc. to turn back the moratorium on mining this stuff in Virginia. His Uranium Mining Work Group is taking a serious look at it. I have little faith in the safeguards they say will exist.

Remember BP's blowout preventer?

10-2-12 update: The folks at Hampton Roads Planning District Commission are not too keen on resurrecting uranium mining in Virginia either. All but one member of the 16 cities that make up this commission voted against it last week because of concern over their drinking water being threatened by the "tailings" (waste) from this industry.

Meanwhile, the Uranium Working Group, a multi-agency state panel, will announce their findings by December 1.