September 27, 2012

Sewage snow?

No sh*#.

The Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort not only clear-cut 74 acres of forest in their expansion project, but this ski resort will be the first in the world to make all of their fake snow from treated sewage effluent this coming ski season. No yellow snow jokes, please.

The local Navaho tribe doesn't like it and considers it a threat to their sacred land. But this kind of water is already used widely to irrigate golf courses, parks and soccer fields. I have seen plenty of these signs on Florida courses.

The United States Forest Service, which owns the land where Snowbowl is, says the treated water meets the highest standards — just below drinking water.

It looks like climate change has reduced the natural snowfalls, and ski resorts will use more effluent water in coming years.

Will the nearby aquifers suffer? Probably no more than they already have from centuries of untreated sewage and chemicals seeping through the soil layers. At least this stuff is treated.