October 28, 2012

Dominion power line debate continues in Virginia

Miss the Dominion power line hearing? You can submit written comments, either by regular mail or electronically, on the proposed high voltage power across the James River from Surry to James City County. Visit the State Corporation Commission website at www.scc.virginia.gov. Deadline is January 3, 2013

Many prefer an underwater power line like the one being constructed under the York River. But Dominion argues that option is much more expensive. Sure seems that running the line underwater would not be more costly than building 16 towers to hold the power lines above the river. Some of these towers are as high as the Statue of Liberty!

One way or the other, it's a sure thing that Dominion will pass on these costs to the consumer. If there's a surcharge, many would prefer that it underwrite renewable energy.

One interesting bit of info on the SCC handout from the meeting: "Federal law applies to the Commission's (SCC) consideration of lines of larger capacity proposed to be located in certain federally designated areas of Virginia, primarily north of Richmond." How does that apply to a high capacity line through James City County?