November 15, 2012

Green Christmas gifts

Marcie Evans' fish from nails
Many of us have too much "stuff" as it is. And Christmas means more of it.

At the very least, try to give green. That could mean cold hard cash, but you have more options than that. For example, Treehugger offers a super 2012 Green Gift Guide.

Buy local as much as possible. Book Exchange stores and Goodwill stores have some great buys. Bird feeders are always useful, especially if you buy good quality birdseed. Or perhaps a gift certificate to a local restaurant, especially one that buys from local farmers.

“Buy American” and support your local vendors at Williamsburg’s December 8 farmers market—the last one in 2012.

Support local artisans. I donated my Dad's 50 year old collection of nails of all sizes to Marcie Evans, a Poquoson artist who turns them into fish and crabs, among other things. Check her out at

Check out unique homemade items.