November 1, 2012

Rising ocean? Duh!

In addition to rising water levels, we here in Hampton Roads have sinking land. Seriously. 

So Tidewater Virginia is one of the areas most threatened by climate change (formerly known as global warming).

Yes, it may be inconvenient, but it is finally in the headlines. Neither candidate made it an election issue, but Sandy did.

I have been collecting info for an in-depth piece on rising waters for a few years, but this Bloomsberg Businessweek magazine cover prompted me to post a little something on the topic today.

Flooding from Sandy on Tangier Island 
I had worried about the folks on both Tangier Island, VA and Smith Island, MD during the approach of Sandy a few days ago. Both are low-lying islands in the middle of Chesapeake Bay if you didn't know.

And by low-lying, I mean a few feet above sea level. They flood frequently and are endangered islands that I have a special fondness for. We sailed to Tangier Island two summers ago and met some fine folks who really know how to catch--and cook--crabs.

We had also taken a day trip to Tangier years ago on a ferry from Onancock, VA.

I have been worried about these threatened islands for many years after seeing "Grog Island" off Fleet's Bay disappear entirely two years after we first saw it.

The Tangier residents made it easy for me to check up on them during and after Sandy. They began an impromptu "Ridin' Out Hurricane Sandy on Tangier Island" Facebook page. Check it out and you'll probably get hooked on knowing these folks too and supporting their efforts to get a protective seawall or jetty built.

Here is one photo from their Facebook page. Much more on this topic to come!