November 8, 2012

Where can Superstorm Sandy debris go?

I anticipate humongous piles of debris from Superstorm Sandy in coming months. We have already seen entire New Jersey and New York parking lots on TV that have become temporary debris mountains. Soggy furniture and drywall, ruined household goods and photo albums, flooded cars and googads of people's "stuff" have to go somewhere. Local landfills may be overwhelmed by it.

So what to do with all that debris? Either truck it to "waste to energy" power plants (thankfully, there are some in the Northeast) or ship it to Sweden. "What?" you respond.

Yes, 9.5 million Swedes recycle so well that they are running out of garbage. Only 4 percent of their waste goes to landfills. Is this a problem? Apparently it is because Sweden is now importing trash from neighboring countries, namely Norway. Why? For their waste-to-energy incineration programs.