November 30, 2012

Will fracking affect the Chesapeake Bay?

That is NOT the moon rising over Cove Point Light
Indirectly--if the liquid natural gas terminal at Calvert Cliffs, Maryland handles the exporting of the glut of the natural gas now coming from fracking. As many as 75 tankers a year, each about 1,000 feet long, could arrive to load up at the terminal pier. That much additional commercial traffic on the Bay would change its tranquility even more.

We have sailed by this pristine point (well, it was pristine once) on our way up to Annapolis many times. The gas storage domes always bothered our "John Smith spirit."

We had never seen any megaships and wondered at their absence. The terminal had been built in the 1970s to handle imports of natural gas. But now we are on the cusp of becoming the largest exporter of such.

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