December 15, 2012

Time to recycle guns?

After yesterday's senseless massacre of youngsters in their classrooms, it is time to recycle guns into their base metals. Is anyone else calling for a massive meltdown of guns initiative, similar to the small amnestry programs that occasionally occur?

It is time to stop saying "gun control is two hands" and "guns don't kill, people do."

Guns for hunting is one thing, but the assault weapons ban must be resurrected. I won't even begrudge the right to bear arms for the homeowner who feels he or she has to protect their abode. Personally, I don't want a loaded gun in my nightstand. But God forbid we trounce on any Americans' Constitutional rights.

Just melt down as many assault weapons as possible and create metal sculptures as a longlasting memorial to the many Americans who have died this year alone in these killings by mentally deranged men and boys.

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