January 28, 2013

Ecotourism in Virginia?

I just enjoyed a Windstar cruise through the Panama Canal and up the western coast of Costa Rica, well known for its protection of natural habitats and ecotourism.

Our first stop was one of the 365 San Blas islands where the local Kuna Tribe members make and sell their famous molas while living a simple life. A few of the Kuna children entertained us with a very lively dance to their pan flutes music.

Passing through the 50-plus miles of the Panama Canal had been on our bucket list. And there is no more enjoyable way to do it than on the Windstar, although I now suffer from "Windstar Waist."

Costa Rica is an ecotourist's dream. There are numerous lodges and boat tours to national parks. The country's pristine jungle calls out for hikes. The cicadas were out in full force, adding to the already present howler monkeys and macaws.

So I now wonder if Virginia offers any ecotourism. Please email me if you know of any worthwhile ventures.