February 12, 2013

Obesogens is a word to add to your vocabulary

"Obesogens" is a term created by University of California's Bruce Blumberg to refer to chemicals that cause animals to store fat. Many of these chemicals are in pesticides.

Yet only 19 percent of doctors warn pregnant women about exposure to pesticides. Only 8 percent warn about BPA found in hard plastics such as insulated tumblers and only 5 percent about phthalates found in cosmetics and shampoo.

The best advice is to eat organic if you are pregnant or plan to be, and avoid plastics to store food unless labelled BPA-free. And the replacement chemical for BPA may prove to be non-healthy too!

And the latest eye-opening news from one study is that these dangers affect geneations. Your great-grandmothers exposures during pregnancy may cause disease in you, while you had no exposure. It's a non-genetic form of inheritance not involving DNA sequence, but environmental impacts on DNA chemical modifications. That is called "transgenerational inheritance of disease" and it should be getting more media coverage.