March 11, 2013

Groundwater problems in Virginia?

Are Virginians depleting our aquifers? The Groundwater Virginia experts believe that a water crisis is heading our way because residents and businesses do not see it as a finite resource.

In Tidewater Virginia, most of our water comes to us from both reservoirs and the Potomac aquifer. But when was the last time you thought of your water source as you turned on the faucet, brushed your teeth, or irrigated your lawn?

Monitoring wells in our area show that aquifer levels have dropped as much as 200 feet during the last 50 years. Two to four feet per year!

The other number that is eye-opening is 4 millimeters per year. That is the estimated annual drop in Hampton Roads land areas. The technical term for this drop is "subsidence." But whatever you call it, it should worry those who live near shorelines because the waters are also rising a bit each year.

I don't think we need to build an ark yet, but do be alarmed.