April 30, 2013

May landscaping and lawn tips

Lawns: look at April tips (under "Monthly lawn and landscaping calendar") if you missed it last month. The same general advice is on target, especially this year since the weather has been so cool. Remember that bagging grass clippings is just like throwing away fertilizer. Unless it clumps up badly, just leave it on your lawn. And please MOW HIGH to choke out weeds.

Pruning: As soon as possible after the blooms are spent, azaleas and camellias in need of a trim can be pruned. See the Pruning Calendar from Newport News Master Gardens and Virginia Cooperative Extension for all the info you need.

Native barberry bushes can be pruned now too, although the new growth is already budding out. These are hardy plants that do not seem to mind a haircut now and then.

Landscaping: If the garden stores are just too good to ignore, consider native plants that like our hot and humid summers. Click here to see what Master Gardeners recommend.