May 25, 2013

Storm runoff from construction sites can be a big problem

Good news, bad news.

The good news is that Virginia requires builders and developers get a construction general permit before they begin a construction job. Every five years, Virginia re-issues this permit to update requirements and ensure that builders use the latest, most effective runoff-prevention practices.

The bad news, this time around, is that the public is not part of this process. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation folks say that the runoff prevention plans will no longer be available for citizen review. In a serious departure from existing law, this new construction general permit would allow contractors to keep their pollution prevention plans out of public view and secret.

Duh. So how can the public report any violations if they do not know what is expected?

You can tell the state you object to this new secrecy provision in the proposed Virginia permit. Insist that Virginia protect the public’s waterways by maintaining public access to builders’ runoff prevention plans.

Click here, or write:

Regulatory Coordinator, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
203 Governor Street, Suite 302
Richmond, Virginia 23219

The deadline to comment is June 7.