July 30, 2013

Jellyfish plague the Chesapeake

I always put jellyfish and mosquitos in the same category: hated pests. Why did we need either of them?

The jellyfish most often encountered in the Chesapeake Bay in the summer is the sea nettle Chrysaora quinquecirrha pictured here. We have seen these guys with the long tentacles surrounding our boat on our much anticipated southern Chesapeake sailing cruise during the last ten days. Why did I bother packing bathing suits in my dufflebag?

But now I read that sea nettles do have a valuable purpose. They like to dine on comb jellies (not even real jellyfish) that like to dine on fish and oyster larvae/spat. 

Then there are the smaller moon jellies that inflict ministings on humans if anything at all. 

The sea nettles are having a blast this summer. 

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