July 18, 2013

West Nile not a threat in Virginia YET

There is a lot of talk about West Nile Fever, transmitted by mosquitos, because of the mild winter most of the U.S. experienced last winter. But the CDC map doesn't show any occurrences in Virginia so far.


But just to be safe, I spray repellent when I am doing yard work. It helps keep the chiggers at bay too.

But many of us don't like chemicals on our body, even if the CDC says: 

Of the products registered with the EPA, those containing DEET, picaridin, IR3535, and some oil of lemon eucalyptus and para-menthane-diol products provide longer-lasting protection.

Oil of lemon eucalyptus sounds more natural than DEET. Parents probably agree. There is still a long mosquito season ahead of us, especially with all the standing water from frequent rain so far this summer.

Wear long sleeves when possible too and non-contrasting clothes that seem to attract the beasties.