September 4, 2013

Blowin' in the wind UPDATED

Before Virginians can begin to receive any wind-generated energy, almost 113,000 acres off our coast need to be auctioned off for wind farm development rights. Eight companies (including Dominion Virginia) were pre-qualified to bid on them. [Dominion won with a $1.6 million bid.]

Last July 165,000 acres off Massachusetts and Rhode Island were similarly auctioned.

Our offshore land, nearly 24 miles off Virginia Beach, could someday generate enough power for 700,000 homes. The process is somewhat complicated, and it will not be generating electricity until 2028 at the earliest. So coal plants will be with us for some years.

Solar power is another option of course, but that is also moving slowly. I saw this home off Carter Creek, near Tides Inn, last weekend that had a huge portion of its roof covered with solar panels. Hurrah for them!