September 7, 2013

Dominion Power towers still pending

17 towers, some as high as 300 feet, may soon be coming to the James River if Dominion Power gets its final approval. To focus more on numbers, that translates to 550 pilings affecting at least 1000 square feet of river bottom to support those towers. All to provide a 500 kilovolt line from the Surry Nuclear Power Station. That line crosses 2 navigation channels, many private oyster lease areas and a dredge spoil area. The scenery suffers too if power lines are not your thing when sailing this historic river.

And here are the amazing words that might mean no mitigation to make amends for any waterfowl or wetlands affected or digging up the river bottom and dispersing the kepones hiding below:
"Direct impacts to aquatic resources are minimal and have been avoided and minimized to the maximum extent practicable. As such the applicant in proposing no compensatory mitigation."
At the very least, the Corps of Engineers should require some major mitigation measures for Dominion Power to undertake. Of course we the customers would absorb those costs, since Dominion's bottom line is sacred. Profit rules the day again.