November 3, 2013

Fracking in Virginia, part 2

The name, Virginia Outdoors Federation, sounds so green. But these folks might have a conflict of interest. They recently announced that drilling for gas and oil and conservation easements are not mutually exclusive. WHAT, you ask! Is is simply a coincidence that VOF holds 144 conservation easement acres in an area of Virginia east of Interstate 95, part of which runs through the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula? That is getting darn close to Tidewater Virginia and one of my favorite sailing areas.

The jury is still out on just how much damage fracking might do to the land and drinking water in the numerous areas in which it already takes place, but let us please hit the PAUSE button. 

Something called a "pooling law" in Virginia exists. It supposedly prevents landowners from conveying a conservation easement that prohibits oil or gas being extracted by horizontal drilling conducted from well sites on nearby properties. I just re-watched THERE WILL BE BLOOD and the villain in that fictional movie used that rationale too. The infamous "drinking straw argument" again? Daniel Day Lewis might win again.