December 11, 2013

Recycling gets easier

Some local Tidewater Virginia governments are looking both at new recycling contracts that are less costly and, even better, larger rolling recycling bins for curbside pickup. That is super news for those of us with bad backs. Lids will keep newspapers and magazines dry and other recyclables from blowing down the street. The bad news is that it won't begin until July 2014.

Poquoson led the way, making their decision before James City County signed up last night. Williamsburg and York County have it on their agendas too. The change next July will involve a new pickup schedule--to every OTHER week--by a different company, County Waste (formerly SDI) in West Point. That is where the cost savings originate.

You have probably seen these upright rolling bins in many cities already. We will opt for the larger 95 gallon container since we fill up two small 18 gallon bins already each week. 

The difference in size is almost negligible. 65 gallon ones are 27" x 29" and 41" high. 95 gallons are 29" x 34" and 46" high.

But I ponder how a recycling company's bid that is more than half lower than the current company can responsibly recycle our "stuff." Plus they do not have a MRF (materials recycling facility) yet. I suppose that time will tell if this was a cost-cutting decision but not an environmentally sound one.