January 4, 2014

E-cycle your old electronics for free

If Santa brought you some new electronic "toys," and you don't want to wait for the next country household hazardous waste recycling day, you need not despair. So think before tossing!

Your local Staples store will accept up to ten of these items daily and recycle them responsibly:
  • Desktop and all-in-one computers
  • Laptops, tablets, eReaders
  • Monitors
  • Desktop printers, copiers, scanners, faxes, multifunction devices
  • Shredders
  • UPS/battery backup devices (with or without included battery)
  • Computer peripherals including mice, keyboards, modems, routers and computer speakers
  • Small electronics including mobile phones, MP3 players/iPods, calculators, GPS devices, digital cameras, camcorders and cordless phones
  • Digital projectors, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, gaming devices, A/V receivers, video streaming devices
  • External hard drives and small servers
  • Rechargeable batteries (if 11 pounds or less)