March 1, 2014

Dominion lines to go over the James River

Over the River and through the woods,
With power lines we go!

I just read that Virginia's SCC ( State Corporation Commission) approved Dominion Power's plan to install the 500kV power line across the James River. That's the historic James that John Smith and friends sailed up in 1607. True, portions of the James do not appear as pristine as during Smith's time. But that particular section is still quite beautiful, especially the area along the Colonial Williamsburg Parkway. The "ghost fleet" of mothballed Navy ships is down to a shadow of its former self.

But the opposition of Colonial Williamsburg, James City County government, the James River Association and sundry other groups did not prevail. Even the valid concerns of the BASF chemical company did not concern the wise men on the SCC. So what that the line bisects their property and makes selling any portion of it less likely. So what that BASF has been doing remediation in that area to purge chemicals from the ground and that the digging will potentially release some leftover chemicals into the James. The buried kepones on the river bottom can welcome a few more chemical buddies as they get churned up during the construction.

One small concession to those who opposed the power line for aesthetic reasons: it will not be built on huge lattice towers but on tall monopoles. 

Ah, the price of progress.