March 19, 2014


It is time for our annual home inspection for termites by our pest control company. Money well spent because I am NOT entering our home's crawl space. I saw a black snake slither into an air vent years ago and that was enough to dissuade me from becoming an exterminator wannabe.

Most homeowners suffer from some degree of termite phobia. If they hear that a neighbor has termites, they likely freak out. The sight of one tunnel is enough to cause heart palpitations. So I did a lot of online research today after receiving the annual reminder for our home inspection. As a "valued and loyal customer" for ten years, they are offering me an "exciting offer" of a free termite bait system. Won't this simply attract the termites who are already happily munching on fallen trees in my backyard?

The goal of the bait system is to first install inground termite stations to detect if we have termites tunneling near our home. And then to bait the stations with some yummy termite food that they will ingest before it slowly inhibits their molting process while they are back in their colony, passing on this substance to their fellow immature termites. Supposedly the queen and adult workers are not affected by this growth inhibitor and this process can take a long time.

In the meanwhile, the pest control company must inspect the stations regularly for termite activity. Aha! So instead of an annual inspection, I'll now need quarterly visits? Hmmmmm. Sounds like an extra expense for me. And any termites who don't find those stations can still dine on my home's wood. That doesn't sound like "long term protection" for my home to me. But it does sound like a cash cow for pest control companies.

And can't these stations simply detect termites that were not interested in my home anyway? Renegades from my neighbors' yards? Perhaps the same rationale for NOT using Japanese beetle traps should apply with termites. Will they simply attract nearby termites?

Sure wish that a good alternative to Chlordane had been developed!