April 16, 2014

Crude oil is coming through Virginia

When we read about all those recent crude oil spills (in North Dakota, Alabama and Quebec among others) from trains carrying this toxic stuff to refineries, we don't realize how close to home these trains might be.

Since last December, the Yorktown Terminal on the York River (closed as a refinery since 2010) has been the destination for quite a few of these trains. The terminal can handle 140,000 barrels per DAY and can store up to 6 million barrels. That potential for disaster gets my attention, especially since those trains come through the Williamsburg area. Mighty close to MY James River. Human error and train derailments do not coexist with a healthy Chesapeake Bay watershed. Sure hope that the Department of Transportation is overseeing the transport of crude oil with eagle eyes after these recent spills. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation folks worry that the bay is on borrowed time.

Environmentalists worrying about leaks in the proposed Keystone Pipeline point to these train derailments as inadequate incentive for pipeline approval.